Your pop music
video getaway

Catchy choruses, singable verses, and upbeat tempos? You got it! Up your music game with today’s chart-topping and groundbreaking music videos with the Stingray Hits TV channel. Watch all the trendiest music videos 24/7, from modern pop to all-time favorite hits of the past 20 years.

The perfect combination
of fun and pop

Indulge in a dose of warm and unforgettable feel-good tracks that’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs. Stingray Hits is your go-to music video TV channel for everything pop, pop-rock, and dance.

Stay on top of
what’s hot!

Stingray Hits has it all, from party jams and guilty-pleasures to one-hit wonders filled with colorful harmonies and uplifting rhythms. You’ll find all the latest tunes you want to get stuck in your head!


Easy to tune in,
hard to let go.

The channel’s fun all-day programming includes themed blocks, exclusive countdowns, and hitlists. Get ready for an addictive programming schedule featuring:  

  • Matin Pop
  • Hit Parade
  • Party Mix

  • Week-end souvenir
  • And more!

Programming Grid


Every Day 6 am


Every day 10 am


Monday to Wednesday 6 pm

Thursday to Sunday 4 pm


Saturday &
Sunday 8 pm

Palmarès international
Stingray Hits!

Friday 6 pm

Saturday 4 pm

Sunday 10 am


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programming grid

Watch like there’s
no tomorrow!

Stingray Hits offers you a wide variety of immensely satisfying hit music videos filled with iconic lyrics and compelling storytelling. Whether you’re doing the dishes, entertaining guests or need a morning pick-me-up, tune in and let these rousing pop songs and heart-pounding anthems add a spring in your step!